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  • A new series of activities begins a

    A new series of activities begins a

    On Thursday 3 March, at 7.30 pm, a new series of activities kicks off on the theme of ‘Absolutely moder(rr)n. An overview of new local architecture’, curated by Moisés Puente.

    Entitat organitzadora: Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya

  • The COAC presents the Architectural

    The COAC presents the Architectural

    On 14 October, the Architects’ Association presented the Architectural Agenda, a new information channel for disseminating the cultural activities related to architecture, urban development and design taking place in Catalonia.

  • Cooperative Architecture Seminar at

    Cooperative Architecture Seminar at

    The COAC is organizing a seminar on the active role played by architects in Processes of Citizen Participation, which will be held on 26, 27 and 28 February at the COAC headquarters.

  • The COAC's Historical Archive

    The COAC's Historical Archive

    Entering this social network will help disseminate the wealth of documents held in the Historical and Photographic Archive, which currently holds close to two million documented items —plans, maps, sketches, drawings, publications, photographs, correspondence, audiovisual records, etc.—a result, mainly, of donations, making it a reference centre for academics and architects from all over the world, as well as representing an asset of incalculable value.

  • Convening of the Architectural Awar

    Convening of the Architectural Awar

    The Girona branch office of the Architects’ Association of Catalonia is convening the 19th edition of the Architectural Awards of the Counties of Girona, with the aim of evaluating the architecture carried out within the branch’s region, in order to demonstrate the quality and precision of its professionals.

  • Works of art from the COAC's H

    Works of art from the COAC's H

    From 18 January until 3 April the exhibition 'Una col·lecció per a un viatge. Promoció d’arquitectes Barcelona 1960' (Collection for a trip. Barcelona architects 1960) can be visited at the Vila Casas Foundation’s Can Framis Museum. 

  • Tourists value Barcelona's arc

    Tourists value Barcelona's arc

    Barcelona Tourism has recently published the 2014 statistics related to tourism. Tourists, after being questioned about different city attractions, recognize architecture as the most valued aspect of the city, and rate it with 8.8/10, above other important aspects such as the city's cultural activities, leisure or entertainment.

  • Norwegian artist Carl Nesjar passes

    Norwegian artist Carl Nesjar passes

    Painter, sculptor and photographer Carl Nesjar passed away on May 23rd at the age of 94. COAC had a special relation to Nesjar, who was recognized as one of the most important contemporary artists of Norway. He carried out the sgraffiti of the COAC headquarters' facade in Barcelona, based on Picasso's drawings made specifically for our building.

  • FAD Thought and Criticism Award 201

    FAD Thought and Criticism Award 201

    The last issue of the journal Quaderns d'arquitectura i urbanisme (issue 265) has been granted the FAD Thought and Criticism Award 2015.