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COAC's new website

The website of the Architects’ Association has been given a total makeover. Obviously, architects and architecture are the protagonists. The new website aims to provide an essential tool to help reposition the role of architects within our society, while at the same time promoting the social and cultural values of architecture. The website arquitectes.cat aims to provide a point of reference that will bring us closer to the community and the business world at a time when it is essential to assert ourselves both collectively and individually.

arquitectes.cat is based around five main browsing sections: citizens, architects, architecture, the Association and the business world. Great care has been taken to ensure that every section reflects the dynamic role that architects and their representative Association play in our society.
The site’s user-friendliness has also been improved by simplifying and streamlining the browsing experience and including the dissemination opportunities offered by social networks.

Customized content
arquitectes.cat also aims to address the huge range of interests of our member architects and the general public by offering visitors the chance to customize the website to suit their interests, whether this is in terms of the subject matter (sustainability, town and country planning, building renovations, society, internationalization, etc.) or geographically speaking.