Long-term programme for recognition of a professional Master Degree

© Escola Sert del Col·legi d'Arquitectes de Catalunya

The Sert School offers an annual training plan focused on recognizing the skills of its students by means of specific training in order to obtain a professional Master Degree. 

With this objective, 
specialized course content is formulated in those areas that are becoming consolidated as a driver of economic activity and which offer higher employment opportunities: 

· Master in Building Renovation with a specialization in Structures
· Master in Sustainable Building Renovation 
· Master in Sustainability with a specialization in Energy Management 
· Master in Facility Management with a specialization in Energy Management

The professional master degrees from the Architects’ Association of Catalonia are training courses that recognize vocational skills in areas that are currently becoming established as drivers of economic activity, such as energy rehabilitation and environmental management. 

The training courses at the Sert School are practical by nature, based on
learning by doing and including real interventions in buildings and work placements in companies and institutions.

If you have already successfully completed the postgraduate courses of a particular specialization, you can request the recognition of a master degree by sending an email to