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What is Pla Impulsa?

The COAC's Pla Impulsa was created in the beginning of 2013 aiming to help its members recover competitivity to find jobs and generate work through seven different programs:
1- Access to training towards new professional profiles 
2- Access to and promotion of the job market 
3- Competitiveness enhancement program.
4- Supporting entrepreneurs
5- Supporting exportation 
6- Helping professional activity abroad 
7- Social/anticrisis orientation and support 

Today, the Pla Impulsa for Architect's Support has consumed an important part of its budget, although the social program and the Correspondents Network are still active.

We hereby include a summary with the most important participation indicators aswell as the levels of satisfaction for the actions that have taken place. We also include the economic balance of the Pla Impulsa during it's two years of life.

How has it developed?

Offering architect members tools and direct support (grants, personalized consulting, advanced workshops, contacts with possible investors...) in order to improve and adapt their abilities to the new econòmic and social demands; hellp them access the international market or find new activity sectors.

Outstanding actions

4 different grant calls aiming to train architects in new profesional profiles for the future, such as specialising in sustainability, energy management, real estate management, or product design.
Architects could apply for grants for Escola Sert courses or other education centers in Catalonia and Spain. In this way, during 2013 and 2014, a total of 367 architects have obtained support from the Pla Impulsa through a training grant.
COAC members have been given the chance to self-test their own competences using the DISC system, an internationally used tool in preparation for a Professional Orientation Seminar.
In COAC we have been producing infomation capsules aiming to help architects answer questions that arise in their daily design practice. Check out the capsules.
Member architects had the chance to attend workshops and consultations on strategic innovation free of charge:
-Generation of new and innovative business ideas (2014). Learning to identify new and innovative business ideas born from the relationship between the architecture sector and the capabilities and abilities of the architect, and other sectors. See the session's video.
- Managing the economy of an architects' studio (2014) How to have a finantial control of business activity and focus on obtaining results see the session's video.
On the other hand, personalized and individual sessions of strategic consultations helped the member architects develop their enterprise projects.
Three sessions on 2.0 Visibility have taken place aiming to provide tools to win a position in the net and reflect on important aspects in marketing 2.0. The sessions in this program touched on communication strategies, web resources and social networks. See the videos of the sessions.
This program is so successful that it has become an independent COAC service, apart from Pla Impulsa: COAC Entrepreneurship. During this two years different sessions, forums and consultations have taken place with a total 700 participants.
The goal of the travel grants has been to support the internationalization of catalan architects and architecture making their presence in markets abroad easier. This way, business travels and other architecture related travels have been given grants, covering up to a 50% of the ticket (with a màximum per travel).

26 grants have been given for travels abroad in relation with Pla Impulsa. 
Presently, the COAC's Correspondent's network has 37 representantives in 36 cities in 34 countries around the world and it keeps on expanding. The network's goal is to improve the chances of working abroad in the most qualified way, mantaining at the same time the links with Catalonia and the architects who still work there.
The Pla Impulsa's Social Program is a service aiming to provide attention and orientation for members with social and family needs. One social worker attends their visits. In total, during this two years 226 architects have been attended, with 156 fee reductions granted and 13 cases of debts pardonned.


The Pla Impulsa has had 2.068 participations (as of end 2014). Out of these participations, 34% have been in Entrepeneurship, 20% in Training Grants and 17% in Strategic Change and Improving Competitiveness.

Origin of the Pla Impulsa participants during 2013 and 2014 (as of end 2014). 
The Ebro region is the one with less participations in absolute terms but the one with more participants in relation with its total members. Barcelona supplied the greatest number of participants in absolute terms. Check the related graphics here.

See a summary of all the Pla Impulsa indexes as of end 2014 here.  


Follow us through the social media: @COACatalunya #PlaImpulsa
For questions and specific matters, use the following mail plaimpulsa@coac.cat
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