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  • BBB Construmat holds a competition with the support of COAC...

    Beyond Building Barcelona Construmat, with the support of the Architects’ Association of Catalonia (COAC) and its Group of Young Architects (AJAC), organizes the Beyond Building Barcelona Construmat Competition of Ideas for the design of the showroom in the upcoming Construmat Fair, which will be held in May 2015.


  • COAC international correspondents' meeting

    The yearly COAC international correspondents' meeting will take place on December the 23rd at 6 pm in the mezzanine in plaça Nova. The COAC correspondents will share their experience and views. Members of the COAC who want to learn first hand about their work are invited to attend the meeting. Please confirm attendance to plaimpulsa@coac.net


  • Course: Architectural presentations and animations with...

    Escola Sert organises a course on Architectural presentations and animations with agile procedures: Artlantis Studio (2nd edition), which will be starting on January 19th, 2015. With this training, you will be able to prepare images and animations for the presentation of architectural works based on geometric models.


  • International Tuesdays: Professional practice in France

    On December the 2nd the next International Tuesdays session will be held at COAC headquarters. This session will be dedicated to the professional practice in France and will focus mainly on Marina Daviu's experiece as COAC correspondent, who will be speaking from Paris through Skype. 


  • European Award for Architectural Heritage Intervention AADIPA

    European Award for Architectural Heritage Intervention AADIPA

    The Architects' Association for the Defence of Intervention in the Architectural Heritage (AADIPA) and the Architects' Association of Catalunya announce the second European Award for Architectural Heritage Intervention, with the aim of distinguishing best practices in heritage and contributing to their dissemination.


  • Sota Tarragona

    50th Anniversary of the Gobierno Civil Building in Tarragona

    This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the Gobierno Civil building in Tarragona, as well as the centenary of architect Alejandro de la Sota's birth. Therefore, the exhibition "100 years with Alejandro de la Sota" will open on November 18th. Our wish is that it will be as successful as earlier exhibitions in the CGAC and COAM.


  • Course: 'Creative curriculum: make the difference'

    The COAC Job Bank, together with Barcelona Activa, organizes new training actions for guidance and job search. Thus, on December 3th, the course 'Creative curriculum: make the difference' will be held in Porta 22 (c. Llacuna, 162-164, Barcelona), from 3 to 6 pm.Learn how to prepare a creative curriculum to complement your traditional resume, so you can introduce yourself to companies in an original and striking way, more likely to catch the attention of recruiters.


  • New uses for Olot's old hospital

    The City Council of Olot has launched a participatory process about the future uses of Hospital Sant Jaume. Within this process, the Garrotxa-Ripollès COAC Delegation organized a meeting to discuss the future uses of the existing building, which took place on Friday November 7th.


  • 8th edition of the Girona Region Architecture Awards

    The Association's Girona branch organizes the 18th edition of the Girona Region Architecture Awards with the aim of hightlightling architecture conducted in the territorial scope of the branch, in order to show the excellence and effort made by professionals.