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From European to International Biennial of Landscape Biennial

Since its first edition, the European Landscape Biennial has expres¬sed its desire to intently study and discuss landscape interventions, as much from the perspective of landscape architecture as from other disciplines that are linked to its study and evolution. The Biennial has been consolidated on a European scale in its seven previous edi¬tions—'Remaking Landscapes' (1999), 'Gardens in Arms' (2001), 'Only with Nature' (2003), 'Landscape: a Product / a Production' (2006)— Storm & stress (2008) , 'Liquid Landscape' (2010) and 'Biennial versus Biennial' (2012). ); However, this last eighth 'A landscape for you' (2014), the Biennale approached to new realities of the world landscape through the internationalization of its Landscape Prize Rosa Barba. The in¬ternational Rosa Barba landscape prize, has broaden its scope to worldwide contemporary international landscapes architec¬ture.

International Prize for Landscape Rosa Barba sponsored by Fundació Banc Sabadell

The International Prize for Landscape Rosa Barba, sponsored by Fundació Banc Sabadell, inscribed in the framework of the Barcelona International Biennial of Landscape Barcelona. Biannually opens the call for submission for built projects and planning in the field of Landscape Architecture created around the world during the five years immediately preceding the announcement. Among the projects presented to the International Jury selects finalists will present their projects during the symposium and in the second instance the winner once ranked the presentations of the finalists on the first day of the Biennale of Landscape. There is one prize with a prize of 15,000 euros that is delivered during the symposium. The International Prize for Landscape Rosa Barba, sponsored by Fundació Banc Sabadell, granted only to work. The projects selected by the international jury are published in the catalog of the Biennale, shown in the exhibition of Rosa Barba Prize, sponsored by Fundació Banc Sabadell and collected in the Atlas International Prize for Landscape Rosa Barba.

ATLAS of the International Prize for Landscape Rosa Barba Fundació Banc Sabadell

The ATLAS, on line catalogue for the Rosa Barba Prize, is a digital tool enabling to browse projects online. Up to 2413 projects (realized from 1990 to 2014) were selected by the International Jury, along with the 75 finalists and 14 winners Rosa Barba (including mentions and public opinion) of all editions of the Biennal of Landscape Architecture of Barcelona. This ATLAS is offered as an open source tool for students and professionals on the field of Landscape Architecture, allowing queries by author, year, country and city, and Biennial edition. It also preserves the structure and categories of intervention of the traditional paper catalogues available to purchase online.