Liquid steps - 9a Biennal 2016


The study area is located by a steam beside an existing small square. The project integrates small scale interventions and uses in the landscape in order to create a new attraction pole for the village and the surrounding areas. The concept derives from the site’s characteristics as the stream water flow, the dense vegetation, the viewpoints and the inclined topography, Water as a significant spatial element is reinforced by appropriate reformations (water sculptural walls, water plaza) and hydraulic works in order to restore the continuous water flow. The inclined topography and the clearings among the vegetation are highlighted by creating terraces that accommodate viewpoints and new uses and lead the visitor gradually towards the stream. Kiosks that appear as scattered nests in the landscape – accommodate points for trade and information. The stream zone is highlighted as an ecological park where pathways lead to the village and to disperse monuments. A contemporary material such as cor-ten is introduced in order to act as an unifying element that tissue the individual spatial zones and gives cohesion to the intervention. The existing vegetation is enriched by species that contribute to the local biodiversity and enrich the stream ecosystem.



IVI Nanopoulou: General Consultor - Architect

Terspichori Latsi: Renderings

Haris Heizanoglou: Renderings

Detalls del projecte

Tipologia Intervenció en espais naturals
Client Private
Promoció Privada
Coordinades 38.570665, 26.041467
Localització AMADES VILLAGE, Chios, Amades Village, Grècia
Àrea 4900 m²
Any finalització 2014