Bjerkedalen Park - 9a Biennal 2016

Rainer Stange

Bjerkedalen Park was opened 2013 in the Bjerke District of outer Oslo, an area with few public spaces. New trails meander through the park alongside the daylighting of a section of Hovinbekken Creek, which runs from Marka, Oslo’s protected forest, to the fjord.

Hovinbekken Creek was opened August 1, 2013 after being piped for over 50 years. The creek now runs open for 300 meters with 15 meters elevation change. Rapids, ponds and small waterfalls create a lively area for fish in this ecologically-based project. A green canal with stepped edges is created near the café. A 3m deep swimming pond in the park’s southern end is an attraction on summer days, with use as an ice-skating rink in wintertime.

The riverbanks are planted with native, water-loving species such as elm, cherry, alder and willow. Colorful deciduous trees such as oak, linden and maple are planted along the slopes as reference to southeastern Norway’s conditions. 12 acres of flowering meadow and 6 acres of lawn provides green surfaces. Nearly 50,000 perennials are planted.

A terraced park pavilion contains an amphitheater with view, café, toilets, waste management and a large outdoor terrace: the park’s midpoint. A central promenade and smaller trails create a coherent trail network with maximum 5% slopes. There are centrally placed basketball and sand volleyball courts.

Bjerkedalen Park has become the natural meeting place for the Bjerke District and is the winner of Oslo’s Architectural Prize 2015.



Rainer Stange: Landscape Architect, Dronninga landskap

Sidsel Andersen: District Director, Bjerke District

Thomas Lærdal: Architect, Filter arkitekter

Pål Lund: Steen & Lund

Detalls del projecte

Tipologia Parcs urbans i metropolitans
Promotor Steen & Lund
Client Bjerke District, Oslo Authority of Urban Environment, Water and Waste Authority, Oslo Municipality
Promoció Pública
Coordinades 59.938793, 10.821601
Localització Refstadveien 35, Oslo, Oslo, Noruega
Àrea 36.000 m²
Cost 160 €/m² = 6,5mill.
Any inici 2009
Any finalització 2015