• Nativity Scenes Competition

    Exhibition: 'Altres Pessebres'

    The exhibition 'Altres Pessebres', which opens until January 10th at COAC headquarters, brings together a selection of works of the 1st Alternative Competition of Nativity Scenes, aimed at architects, artists, designers to reinterpret and expand the idea of Nativity.

    Regional branch: Barcelona
    Since: Wed, 17 December - Until: Sat, 10 January

  • 'ArquiTati' exhibition

    ArquiTati is the title of the exhibition, which comes from merging the words “Architecture” and “Jacques Tati”.

    Regional branch: Comarques Centrals - Seu de Manresa
    Since: Sat, 22 November - Until: Sat, 20 December

  • 'Jujol Arquitecte' exhibition

    As part of the events associated with World Architecture Day, the exhibition entitled 'Jujol Arquitecte' opened on Monday, 6 October, at 7 pm in the mezzanine of the COAC. The exhibition features an exceptional selection of Jujol’s plans and original drawings from the COAC’s Historical Archive as well as others lent by the Jujol Archives, representing some of the architect’s most interesting work.

    Regional branch: Barcelona
    Since: Mon, 06 October - Until: Thu, 30 October

  • Touring exhibition of the 9th Alejandro de la Sota Biennial

    The exhibition of the 9th ALEJANDRO DE LA SOTA BIENNIAL, which was available to visit at the COAC’s Tarragona branch office up to mid-August 2015, is beginning a tour of various towns and cities of the El Camp de Tarragona region.

    Regional branch: Tarragona
    Day: Thu, 03 March