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Corporate Social Responsability

The social responsibility of an organization such as the Architects’ Association of Catalonia implicitly involves upholding human rights, improving society as a whole and protecting the environment.

The Association firmly believes that the voluntary and public assumption of this responsibility should translate into the systematic use of resources and targeted efforts, which is perhaps more important than ever in our current situation.

Helping to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged communities or population groups through international cooperation is one of the priorities of the COAC’s engagement in its corporate social responsibilities. For some years now, the Association has been donating 0.7% of its Central Services budget to international cooperation through NGOs such as Architects without Borders. One of the most representative examples of COAC’s determination in this respect is the Namaste project to build an orphanage to house 375 children in Nepal, which is already underway.

The Association also manifests its commitment by putting into action innovative solutions to make society more aware of the profession and civic responsibility of architects, such as Architecture Week, an annual event featuring architectural workshops and exhibitions targeted mainly at children, and the Architecture and Citizenship Programme, which has developed a course entitled ‘Household Savings – an architect’s advice’, aimed at disseminating household energy-saving measures, which is an intrinsic part of architects’ training.

Along these same lines, in 2011 the Association introduced the project ‘COAC Saturdays’ which, through workshops, storytelling sessions and talks, aims to give children and young people better insight into at the architectural past, present and future of the city.
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