The Geography / Origins

The urban geography of Milan is the one from a radial city that has been growing like an oil spot with different concentric rings (bastions) situated between the Alps and the Padana plain.
The project is focused on the south area, an agroforestry mosaic and fields. This was in its origins transition zones between the dense forest and the basins of rivers and torrents (such as Vetabbia).
To REinvent the city, or at least a portion of it, one must search its origins, which are, in this case: water and nature.
During the Middle Ages, Milan was a compact city that grew gradually outside the walls in an organic way and measured by the need for city expansion and conquest.
Our place is a limit, a vague limit in the city, located between what is built (the urban) and the countryside (the agroforestry park).
This vague boundary is the casual and non planned result of the city. Our RENATUR project finds its opportunity in with this strategy.


Alejandro Ribas Mercau
Angel Cerezo Cerezo
Elisa Battilani
Isacio García Roldan
Martin Negri Rodriguez

Kai Wang - Col·laborador Despatx

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