10,000 Pencils

In a one-day workshop, 100 participants (94 students and 6 tutors) from 1st Year, belonging to WSA Welsh School of Architecture - Cardiff University, collaborated to produce an installation with 10,000 pencils at the Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona. Each participant was given 100 pencils with a hexagonal profile and 100 topic rubber joints. They were also shown how to connect one pencil to another through the use of the torus.

Working without a blueprint nor a previous concept of what the design was supposed to look like, each participant was asked to assemble pencils together in whichever way they saw fit, and to connect their assemblies of pencils to the assemblies of other participants. The resulting structure had the qualities of a strong, elastic lattice, supple to the touch yet able to spring back to shape upon release. The workshop operated as an experiment of 'design through making' and the development of collaborative design strategies.

Carles Sala Roig
Relja Ferusic Manusev

Wsa Welsh School Of Architecture - Comissari Exposició
Cccb Centre De Cultura Contemporània De Barcelona - Comissari Exposició

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