Biblioteca Nelson Mandela

To build a library Palmarin, Senegal, means betting on education and culture in an environment marked by a lack of resources and traditions. The proposal by Lluis Llach Foundation seeks integration between the spaces and the Baobab sacred and the sense of ownership for users. As the music of the local culture Serer rhythms infect the building: volumes and textures vary in plan and façade, marking rythms of different intensities. The library becomes a pace that meets the different requirements of each façade.

In the material has considered the situation in the Sine-Saloum delta, where there is clay and palm trees are protected and where the proximity to the capital, Dakar, making the local mentality associate further cement the progress . It was built with concrete blocks since the land is rich in sand and gravel. However, the balance was maintained using more sustainable materials and construction practices introduced in favor of the durability of the building.

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