Frame 2.0

Frame 2.0 is a standing-free exhibition system conceived to show on-site the results of our studio Building upon Building at Newcastle University. The modular structure includes lighting and allows the display of both printed plans and drawing and models within a flexible-plan aggregation that can be adapted easily to different spaces while it is able to create a new atmosphere within any existing environments to foster the introspection into the exhibition.
The stands are ephemeral furniture modulated to create stands that can be displayed individually or together with others as a whole. The set allows the creation of different routes depending on the needs of each exhibition and the achievement of the best dialogue with the spaces where the exhibition is set up. Once the exhibition is over, the modules are disassembled and stored in a transportation cabinet, thereby facilitating their movement and utilization in future exhibitions.

Aldric Rodriguez Iborra
Josep Maria Garcia-fuentes

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