Camina Tamshi

Camina Tamshi is a project of inclusive and equitable urban development in the municipality of Gueznaia based on the cooperation between public administrations in the region of Tangier-Tetouan and the province of Barcelona, technicians and citizens. The project has been willing to be a transformative process where women have been active participants in the analysis and improvement of the environment. Gueznaia is a contemporary example of rural town that grows precipitously to absorb the growth of the neighbouring capital, in this case Tangiers. As a result it has very different and unequal urban developments. Gueznaia is at a key moment of transformation upon which the quality of life of its inhabitants will depend. This project proposes urban recommendations with gender approach contained in a manual that serves as much to improve the current Gueznaia as to plan for future growth.

Obra premiada: Menció especial Premi Fundació Banc Sabadell a la Innovació

Obra seleccionada

Carla Amat Garcia
Dafne Saldaña Blasco
Helena Cardona Tamayo
Julia Goula Mejón

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