Since 2011, UNIVERSITY WITHOUT BORDERS–USF conducts a technical support program in the field with the ONG CODESCAM, in Cameroon. In 2015 the expansion of NDJORE II’s public school was built. The two new built units, each 80m2 plus 130m2 covered areas have had a cost of € 17,200 (60 € / m2). The most important goal was the use of local materials. The structural earth wall provides stability through its form while banks generated on the plinth. Continuous ventilation is guaranteed by jalousie. The roof is made with corrugated sheet covered with raffia, in order to cushion the heat and the sound of rain. One of the main objectives has been to propose a participatory architecture which has achieved the involvement of the local population. The project was developed with the economic support of UPC–CCD and Cornellà de Llobregat’s Town Hall. Ana Martín (architect) and several students of Housing and Cooperation -an ETSAB's subject- had taken part in the project.

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Obra seleccionada

Emili Hormias Laperal
Sandra Bestraten Castells

Ana Martin - Direcció Ejecutiva
Lluis Gener - Arquitecte Pfc
Abigail Freire - Arquitecte Tecnic
Neus ViÑals - Direcció Ejecutiva

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