Museum Serlachius Gösta Pavilion

The project was selected through ones of the largest open international competition in Finish history, among 579 entries from 42 countries.The project sets up an expressive dialogue with the existing Museum House and the natural surroundings, by positioning strategically parallel to the axis established between the house, the garden and the lake. The challenge was to formalize a representative building, five times bigger than the existing one, in a harmonic way.The project is conceptualized as an abstract and dense forest translated into a series of parallel wooden frames that define its geometry, structure and texture. It represents the biggest cultural building made out of wood as a coherent experiment and traditional tectonic solution, taking advantage of local materials and specialized industry.This project has been awarded the International Spanish Architecture Prize 2013, XIII BEAU Spanish Biennale, Plecnik award, FAD finalist, nominated by the European Union Prize, among others.

Boris Bezan
Hector Mendoza Ramírez
Mara Gabriela Partida Muñoz

Huttunen Lipasti Pakkanen Arkkitehdit Oy - Arquitecte
Oscar Espinosa - Arquitecte
Olga Bombac - Arquitecte
Mariona Oliver - Arquitecte

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