Casa Vieja

“Casa Vieja” is built in bamboo as structural and constructive material. 

¿Why Bamboo? is native of this region and performs great physical and mechanical properties. However there are still doubts about its use, so this was motivation to show that it is perfectly possible to solve big and complex structures with this beautiful cane. 

Its construction process has been an excellent opportunity to teach youngsters that were in a clearly vulnerable situation through workshops leaded by experts. This assured the transfer of the knowledge for the local appropriation of the required abilities.

Aesthetics becomes in complex socio-economical contexts even more relevant because it transmits to communities a necessary sense of dignity and belonging, which supports their selfesteem. 

The result is a building with small ecological footprint, adapted to the demanding tropical weather and built by and for the community. It offers a very positive social, environmental and even economical development.

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