Aire, it is a small housing development of 7 dwellings (GF+2+attic) with all the requirements that current homes should have nowadays. It is an isolated building, on a triangular plot. It's a rectangular floor plan block with two dwellings per floor and an annexed dwelling, raised as single family house. Due to the slope, the access is on the back of the building, on the first floor. The design allows that one of the rooms could be incorporated into the living room with minimum intervention. The building have ceramic ventilate façade, south oriented long balconies overlooking the sea with solar mobile protection panels, which generate an interesting set of shadows and textures. Low energy demand is achieved thanks to: the design, general insulation and installation systems such as air heater with interchange, aerothermical energies and rainwater harvesting system supply.

Albert Blanch
Jordi Areu
Mercè Conca
Oriol Roger

Anna Batlló - Arquitecte
Pere Abelló - Arquitecte
Bisstructures - Estructures
Estudis Esl - Instal·lacions

LOCATION: Sant Isidre, 1-5,
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