Joc Infantil Drac Nil

The placement of a winding series of vertical logs at different heights, creates a dynamic form that promotes psychomotor movements to the children in nursery school. The children, in a free and spontaneous way, are motivated to find resources to overcome obstacles jumping from one to another with balance and making this sculpture to a game where they’ll achieve their goals.

The dragon Nil becomes a versatile game thanks to the imagination of children who will experiment with him in very different ways.This installation of sand and wood wants to be the game made with the natural elements that the Nursery Teachers asked the Ampa and I wanted to give it the double function of game and sculptural element that formed part of its environment when nobody was going to use it outside in the playground.

Functionality and aesthetic are added in a game for children.

Laia Piqué Rivero

LOCATION: Baixada De Les Figueretes, 1 ,
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