Edifici 40 habitatges, sector Turó del Sastre 18D

Situated on an elongated plot facing the street on the eastern side and a green area on the western side, the 5 levels building uses the spare depth of the plot(18m) to fragment the volume towards the green area in order to achieve more façade length and solve orientation and cross ventilation issues, without needing ventilation patios.

The building has 2 vertical circulation cores and 4 flats on each floor with access from the end façades. The flats benefit of the views to the park and their relationship with the exterior space: the living room-kitchen space opens to the terrace with a whole unified full-height window, improving indoor-outdoor relation and natural light. The façade, with a textured concrete base, is a ventilated façade of cement panels incorporating in its modular design the bedroom windows with their folding shutters and the balconies with their sliding shutters. The façade blends different grays into an unified shade that combines softly with the green of the park

Obra seleccionada en la modalitat de: Inclou edificis d'habitatges plurifamiliars de promoció privadaL’esquema distributiu d’un bloc unitari amb 8 habitatges per planta és un trencaclosques de dificultat notable que els autors d’aquest projectes encaixen amb habilitat. Tot plegat deriva de l’adequada ubicació del pati de llum que dissimula la gran escala del bloc, alhora que separa els components de la llarga façana.

Obra seleccionada

Isabel Bennasar Félix

Corina Dindareanu - Arquitecte
Xavier Badia - Arquitecte Tecnic
Manel Fernández - Càlcul Estructura
Nilton Paes - Col·laborador Despatx

LOCATION: Carrer Joanot Martorell, 5,
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