Edificació Terciària-Industrial Aïllada

The  assignment arises from the necessity to create a new workspace to HappyPunt, a firm dedicated to the confection and design of fashion prototypes.

 The building is an isolated, prismatic, and orthogonal volume, formed by a two floors volume and a ground floor volume. The square shape makes up the project setting the module in the plan and elevation.

 On the outside the programmatic modulation is reflected in a structural rhythm, where the concrete neutrality, the textured panels and the large glass spans are combined in a timeless and sober appearance.

 On  the inside the building responds to the program diversity, which spins around the double space destinated to the main activity of the firm, the fashion design. The use of large glass spans contrasts with the oak coating warmth, combining industrial spaces with the designing ones, having a big dining room as the meeting point of this firm, which is a huge family.

Obra seleccionada

Lluís Roig Clemente

Pilar Libano Daurella - Interiorista
Pere Rams Creixentí - Enginyer Industrial
Pablo Palomar Gonzalo - Arquitecte

LOCATION: Crta. De Barcelona, 63-71,
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