The objective of the intervention is to recover the building and the garden, as a house-museum, preserving all its heritage values, but seeking to be a living place for reflection that will invigorate the future of the environment from the knowledge of its past history.

In this first phase, we have sought the sustainability and excellence in the rehabilitation process, seeking to ensure that our actions being examples of good practice without losing the global vision.

Detailed information has been obtained through non-destructive techniques that have allowed optimum knowledge, for developing a compatible and durable reinforcement solution that would help stabilize not only the battlements themselves but also the other deck elements.

Innovative solutions have been sought with materials able to withstand the flexural stresses in both directions, with hydraulic lime concrete, compatible with the rest of materials and fiberglass meshes, for the elements that must withstand the tensions.

Mercè Zazurca I Codolà

Miquel Àngel Sala - Càlcul Estructura
Oriol Solanes / Eduard Prats / César Sánchez - Arquitecte
Eduard Piriz - Arquitecte Tecnic
Rudi Ranesi / Neus Zapata - Restauradora Df

LOCATION: Plaça De Vendre 1,
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