KUNSHAN PROJECT II - 9a Biennal 2016

Maud Cassaignau, Markus Jung, Jonathan Mark Shinkfield

The project rethinks an industrial site in central Kunshan, China. It investigates how water-cleansing systems can be integrated into the urban realm to regenerate water and soil quality. As the site is bordered by different water conditions, distinct concepts were developed to address these. Half of the site employs a large urban park as a terraced wetland that integrates multiple programs for passive and active recreation. The other half establishes a network of public ‘water-courtyards’ and bio-filtrating gardens. Surrounding green roofs and facades act as urban water catchment and channel runoff into the site-wide filtration system. Together, the two halves act in a complementary way to form one coherent water cleansing system.

The trans-disciplinary project rethinks the notion of urban ecology by integrating concepts and expertise from water engineering, landscape architecture, ecology, sociology, climate engineering, architecture, urban and landscape planning. This collaboration was crucial to understanding the impacts of these new kinds of water-cleansing systems. The project explored practical possibilities for their integration into design, and their potentials to fulfil a multitude of purposes: water cleansing, flood control, water retention, climate mitigation, transportation. Yet it also invited all parties to consider the spatial implications of these technologies; as inspiring spaces for recreation, cultural activity, well-being and as ecological corridors.


MADA Monash University + CRC for Water Sensitive Cities
MADA Monash University + CRC for Water Sensitive Cities
MADA Monash University + CRC for Water Sensitive Cities

Detalls del projecte

Tipologia Espai fluvial
Promotor NN
Client Planning Bureau Kunshan
Promoció Pública
Coordinades 31.379040, 120.944589
Localització Zhenchuan W Rd, Kunshan, Suzhou, Jiangsu, China, Jiangsu, Kunshan, Xina
Àrea 64000 m²
Cost 0
Any inici 2015