AGROS PARK - 7a Biennal 2012

Simone Amantia Scuderi, ANTÓNIO ROCHA LEITE

The Agros Park comprises a large set of functions and buildings with everyday activities of the cooperative to promote and disseminate national agriculture and animal husbandry and milk production. This space corresponds to the 1st phase. Taking into account the need to implement a large number of buildings, the park was planned according to the following principles: maximize the permeable areas; preserve the water line; preserve the genius loci given by the built elements and landscape structure – Bocage. This is essential in different areas such as: economy; research; environmental quality; and recreation public services.
The design of this space reflects an area where Agros identifies itself not only by the presence of elements representing the landscape of the northern coast of Portugal, but also by the standard of quality and modernity.



Detalls del projecte

Tipologia Parcs urbans i metropolitans
Promotor Private
Promoció Privada
Localització NORTH PORTUGAL, VILA DO CONDE, Portugal
Àrea 131100 m²
Cost 1,90 €/m²
Any inici 2008
Any finalització 2012