Restoration project of Tudela-Culip spot in Cap de Creus natural park - 7a Biennal 2012

Martí Franch Batllori

This project is a showcase for landscape driven nature restoration projects. It turns a demolition order, a purely and strictly habitat reclamation, into a creative landscape restoration development. Through necessarily inexpensive actions, the design skilfully construes and orchestrates the deconstruction as a combination of destruction and construction to celebrate the site’s peculiarities, both natural and cultural. It proposes ways to choreograph on-site visitors into a narrative that stimulates the culture in nature in an innovative approach to finally question whether erasing and voiding is just as valid as filling in and adding. It includes:

. the selective deconstruction of 430 buildings
• the paradigmatic management of 42.000m3 of residue, recycling virtually 100% of the material;
• the elimination of invasive exotic species over 90 hectares
• the restoration of the site’s orography and natural dynamics
• and the implementation of a public use project


EMF Estudio Martí Franch Arquitectura del Paisaje


Detalls del projecte

Tipologia Intervenció en espais naturals
Promotor Tragsa, Control Demeter, Massachs, Jardineria Sant Narc?
Promoció P?ca
Localització Girona, Paratge de Tudela-Culip, Cap de Creus, Espanya
Àrea 900000 m²
Cost 3,5 €/m²
Any inici 2005
Any finalització 2010