Folly Forest _ A Dance Floor for 100 Trees - 8a Biennal 2014

Dietmar Straub, Anna Thurmayr

Folly Forest demonstrates the immense potential of landscape architecture as a spatial and social transformer. „Strathcona School is in the heart of one of Manitoba‘s most needy neighborhoods” (J. Moore Rattray). The school in this impoverished Winnipeg district is magically transformed by perforating fifty years old asphalt. A dance floor for 100 trees, reused materials and their transformation into a new context, is key. Folly Forest proves that projects do not need to have million dollar budgets or use vast amounts of resources.

The total cost for the metamorphosis of the asphalt was $20 per m2. The concept of perforating the asphalt showcases how a simple measure can take ecological, social and aesthetical effects and turn them into the formative element of design.

The school and community experience that this project has the power to bring people together, building and enjoying community during the day and after school. The schoolyard is an important meeting point within the community and has gained steam through reorganization and redesign. It achieves beauty and learning through life and health of an urban forest.



Detalls del projecte

Tipologia Intervencions urbanes
Promotor Winnipeg School Division, Strathcona School
Promoció P?ca
Localització Manitoba, Winnipeg, Canadà
Àrea 4000 m²
Cost 15 €/m²
Any inici 2011
Any finalització 2012