Phase Shift Park - 8a Biennal 2014

Catherine Mosbach

Situated beneath the Tropic of Cancer, Taiwan is warmed by the Kuro-Shio, one of the largest marine currents in the world. The island possesses a hot and humid tropical climate. The climate on the shore is more uncomfortable in certain seasons being very hot and very humid, while the mountain climate is more comfortable, fresher all year long.
The goal of the park is to give back the outdoors to the inhabitants by proposing to create exterior spaces where the excesses of the climate of Taichung are lessened. The exterior climate of the park is thus modulated so to propose spaces less hot, less humid, in the shade.These are the essential virtues of well-being, of comfort and sensual pleasures that we want to offer to the inhabitants and visitors of Taichung.
The park acts as a climatic moderator. It is as if we bring back the more agreeable temperatures of Puli 埔里 to Taichung. It is as if we return the soft, dry air of the month of November to the middle of the month of July. It is as if we bring back the countryside air of Rueisuei 瑞穗 to the heart of Taichung.

The park is the essential and necessary one today, to bring well-being and health to the inhabitants of big metropolitan cities.


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Detalls del projecte

Tipologia Parcs urbans i metropolitans
Promotor Taichung city government
Promoció P?ca
Localització TAICHUNG, Taiwan
Àrea 700000 m²
Cost 100 €/m²
Any inici 0
Any finalització 0