Metro of Porto: Levada-Fânzeres - 8a Biennal 2014


The public transport infrastructure is integrated in an urban landscape with a high diversity of uses (housing, industrial, public facilities, green areas, agriculture and forestry) in the midst of urban sprawl.
The project materializes ecological, functional and social objectives: Integrates the Metro line in existing urban tissue; Promotes the urban requalification of public space; Creates green spaces - channel spaces that ensure a continuous municipal and inter-municipal network of biota as well as people activities; Ensures the physical and functional continuity of green corridor according to biophysical constraints and opportunities; Urban green spaces as promoters of sustainable development, mainly by its social, environmental and ecological functions; Promotes the connection between people and public green spaces, enhancing the maintenance of aesthetic and functional quality of the spaces over time.
It is one of infrastructure/green corridors with greater visibility built in Portugal.



Detalls del projecte

Tipologia Infraestructures
Promotor Mota Engil/Somague/Soares da Costa
Promoció P?ca
Localització Porto, Gondomar, Portugal
Àrea 104000 m²
Cost 15,97 €/m²
Any inici 2007
Any finalització 2010