Superkilen - 9a Biennal 2016

Lorenz Dexler, Martin Rein-Cano

Superkilen is a heterogenous site-collage in a dense, centrally located neighborhood in Copenhagen. The culturally diverse quarter is revitalized using open space as a physical framework. The Red Square, the Black Market and the Green Park create a matrix dialogue within the realities of Superkilen. An essential motif from garden-history is the translocation of an ideal, the reproduction of a far off landscape. In Superkilen this theme finds a contemporary urban form: a global, universal garden. Furthermore, the transfer of significant elements from other places and cultures reflects the multi-ethnic structure of the neighborhood and activates the design principle of multiplicity. The furnishing of Superkilen which is developed from an international catalogue of urban design elements, projects a diversity and international personality onto the matrix of the versatile neighborhood park. Through months of workshops and civic participation the creativity and fantasy of the quarter has been mobilized. In the process of cultural transfer, the objects become ambassadors of a worldwide urban culture in times of global information and communication exchange.


TOPOTEK 1 Gesellschaft von Landschaftsarchitekten mbH
TOPOTEK 1 Gesellschaft von Landschaftsarchitekten mbH


BIG Bjarke Ingels: Architects

Superflex Jakob Fenger: Artist

Detalls del projecte

Tipologia Intervencions urbanes
Promoció Pública
Coordinades 55.7007069,12.5427939
Localització NØRREBROGADE, 2200 KØBENHAVN, KØBENHAVN N, DENMARK, 2200 København, Heimdalsgade, Dinamarca
Àrea 27.000 m²
Cost 238
Any inici 2007
Any finalització 2012