Project presentation: ‘RCR. Dream and Nature_Catalonia in Venice’

© RCR. El somni de natura_Catalonia in Venice
As part of the 16th Venice Biennale of Architecture, co-curators RCR Arquitectes, Pati Núñez and Estel Ortega will introduce the 'RCR. Dream and Nature' project on 3 May at the COAC.

The 'RCR. Dream and Nature' project will be seen at the coming biennial and will explore the mindset and values that make up the foundation of this architectural studio, recent winners of the Pritzker Prize. This presentation will open the corresponding programme of conferences 'New Formats: Dream and Nature', sponsored by Simon.

For capacity reasons, prior registration is required.


15 May 7 pm

Round table 'Curating Architecture. Experiences at La Biennale di Venezia'
With Jordi Badia and Felix Arranz; Josep Torrents, Guillem Carabi and Jordi Riba; Jaume Prat, Jelena Prokoljevic and Isaki Lacuesta.
Moderat per Pati Núñez i Estel Ortega.

24 May 12 pm
"Creating knowledge. New ways of communicating Art and Architecture"
With Eva Franch and Pedro Gadanho. Moderated by Pati Núñez (ENG)
(Calle Quintavalle, Castello 40, Venice)

25 May 4 pm
4 - 5.30 pm
Architecture Criticism: With Glenn Murcutt, Juhani Pallasmaa and William J.R. Curtis. Introduced by Estel Ortega (ENG)
(Calle Quintavalle, Castello 40, Venice)
5.30 - 7 pm
Closing summary on 'RCR Somni i Natura'. With William J.R. Curtis & RCR Arquitectes (SP). 
(Calle Quintavalle, Castello 40, Venice)

The programme of conferences is sponsored by:

For futher information on La Biennale di Venezia click here.

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