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Architecture Week 2018

© Ajuntament de Barcelona
The Architects’ Association of Catalonia, Barcelona City Council and Mies van der Rohe Foundation, with the support of BB Construmat and ArquinFAD, are organising Architecture Week 2018, a joint initiative that will be taking place in different venues across Barcelona between 10 and 20 May.

Over this ten-day period, and within the framework of the European Year of Cultural Heritage, the city will become the epicentre of a broad range of activities related to the world of architecture and the city, with the purpose of helping to reinforce people’s awareness of the value of their built surroundings. The overriding aim is to give the general public a closer insight into the city’s design and disseminate the values of architecture, urban planning and engineering.

There is no question that Barcelona’s architecture is one of its most valuable assets. Architecture forms the basis of the physical space in which Barcelona’s citizens carry out their lives, and for this reason Architecture Week aims to reinforce this essential bond between architecture and people. The COAC hopes to encourage people to consider and value their cities’ built surroundings through a series of events which will shine a spotlight on architectural activities, knowledge, experience and debate.

With the support of other entities and institutions, a packed programme of events has been planned featuring exhibitions, conferences, film screenings, guided tours and installations to highlight architecture in every district.

Arquitectours. 10 days/10 districts undergoing urban renewal
Over the years, various urban renewal projects, such as the Cerdà Plan, the housing estates of the 1960s, and the Olympic Village, have shaped the city as we know it today. Future projects, such as the Superilles programme, aim to continue improving quality of life in the city. These 10 itineraries aim to make these projects and other urban renewal interventions known as well as to highlight our built heritage.

Exhibition: 'Vanished Architecture'
The city is a living showcase that exhibits the work of many generations of architects. Walking along the streets you can see the different styles, uses, social values and imprints that have defined the city’s fabric.

On the occasion of Architecture Week, in collaboration with the COAC Historical Archive, the exhibition ‘Vanished Architecture’ aims to showcase a series of architectural works at different points in the city that cannot be visited today, either because they have now disappeared or because they have undergone considerable transformation.