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Ten local and international cooperation projects receive COAC grants

Laboratorio Internacional de Arquitectura Colaborativa, Tètouan / Chauen / Barcelona (2017-2018)

A total of ten projects associated with architecture and urban planning have won COAC cooperation grants. These include both local and international projects, with a particular emphasis being placed on their quality and social involvement.

Of the projects submitted, an evaluation was made of their compliance with the basic rules, the architectural proposition, the use of local materials and their level of social participation. Finally, it was decided to award the grants, which totalled 39,000 euros, to the following entities:


Arquitectura Sense Fronteres
Project: In defense of the rights to housing and the rights to city
Head architect: Carles Bonet Pijoan
Amount awarded: 3.500 euros

BAM-Bioarquitectura Mediterrània
Project: Dismantling, relocation and reconstruction of Espai Txema Biobuilt
Head architect: Antoni M. Solanas Cànovas
Amount awarded: 3.000 euros

Project: Punt Raval 
Head architect: Ibon Bilbao
Amount awarded: 3.000 euros


Amics de Boulimbou
Project: Housing and multipurpose room Poste de Santé. Boilmbou-Senegal
Head architect: Lurdes Ferran Vilar
Amount awarded: 3.500 euros

Associació Abaraca
Project: Nursery. Jardim de Sonho. Farato-Ginea-Bissau
Head architect: Marta Bou Colominas
Amount awarded: 4.500 euros

Associació Nasco Foundation
Project: Strengthening of women's cooperatives Bioconstrucció. Sawla-Ghana.
Head architect: Isabel Vega Ainsa
Amount awarded: 4.500 euros

Base A + Alkaria
Project: Phase II of the refurbishment of Sibbanin Square. Chefchaouen - Morocco
Head architect: Francesc Camps Palou
Amount awarded: 3.000 euros

Dentistas sobre Ruedas
Project: Dental Academy. DSR Missirah-Senegal
Head architect: Cristina Casalli
Amount awarded: 5.500 euros

Fundació Foundawtion
Project: CEM - Education Center Moyen Thionck essyl – Senegal
Head architect: David García Martínez
Amount awarded: 4.000 euros

Fundació Talibés
Project: Classroom construction. Ndangane – Senegal
Head architect: Berta Marín Pascal
Amount awarded: 4.500 euros

These grants reflect the Association’s determination to showcase the social function of architecture and to devote 0.7% of the annual ordinary budget of its governing bodies to social projects..