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For thirty-seven years, the Association of Architects for the Defense and Intervention in the Architectural Heritage (AADIPA) of College of Architects of Catalonia (COAC) society, organitzes the Cours. International Conference on Architectural Heritage Intervention. This year will take place, from 17th al 20th December, the XXXVIII edition, under the title Tradicional Architecture: Essence or form. An open debate on the intervention in vernacular architecture.

In this workshop we would like to discuss interdisciplinary issues affecting today’s interventions, such as heritage as a time reference, a territory and a community. It is proposed to reflect on integration systems within the new material conditions, and the criteria adopted when defining intervention, in the solution of pathologies, in the adaptation to technical regulations, and in the provision of new facilities and services.

Provided to enable these objectives we count on the input of national experts, from Spain, as well as of specialists from abroad, who will share their experiences, focusing on different aspects.

Organizing committee

Dra. Mónica Alcindor Cuenca, co-director
Dr. Josep M. Fortià i Rius, co-director 
Antoni Aguilar i Piera, architect
Josep Maria Boronat, architect
Adela Geli Anticó, architect
Núria Oms Ederra, technical secretay - AADIPA 
Marta Urbiola i Domènech, treasury - AADIPA 


Cientific committee

Dra. Mònica Alcindor i Huelva

Dra. Mariana Correia
Dr. Josep M. Fortià i Rius
Dra. Camilla Mileto
Dr. Juan Agudo Torrico
Dr. Fernando Vegas i López-Manzanares                                                                                                                                                                         





Organizing entities:



In collaboration with:  

Escola Sert 

With the support of:





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