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With the aim of continuing to highlight the role of architecture in society, the COAC has opened its eleventh grant applications call for local and international development cooperation projects related to architecture and town planning. The awarding of these grants is in keeping with the COAC’s commitment to allocating 0.7% of its annual  budget to social pursuits.

Among those eligible to apply for grants are associations, NGOs, foundations and other non-profit bodies working in the field of cooperation with international and/or local development which have architects among their collaborators, whether salaried, volunteers or with a professional service contract.

Main areas: local and international
This call covers two main areas for grants: 

- International development cooperation: projects focused on community development in developing countries, working in the most disadvantaged areas and/or those affected by natural disasters or conflicts.

- Local development cooperation: projects focused on community development for people living in vulnerable situations or at social risk in first world areas.

Within each of these two areas, there are five types of grant:

a) Building or renovation of housing
b) Building or renovation of community facilities
c) Building or renovation of infrastructures
d) Building or renovation of public spaces
e) Urban planning

The sums to be allocated range from €3,000 to €10,000 in the case of international projects, with a local-level projects able to apply for up to a maximum of €3,000. A total of €47,000 will, therefore, be awarded in this round of applications.

Submission of applications
All applications must be submitted before 1 pm on the closing date of 27 June. Applicants, who must be members of the COAC, should complete the application form and submit it, along with the required documentation, either by email to cooperacio@coac.cat or in person to the secretary’s office of any of the association’s branches.

Consult the rules of the call