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Nativity Scenes Competition

Exhibition: 'Altres Pessebres'


The exhibition 'Altres Pessebres', which opens until January 10th at COAC headquarters, brings together a selection of works of the 1st Alternative Competition of Nativity Scenes, aimed at architects, artists, designers to reinterpret and expand the idea of Nativity.

Making nativity scenes for Christmas is a deeply rooted tradition in Catalonia, and most families still continue with this tradition year after year. 'Altres Pessebres' is a competition and exhibition that intends to search alternative ideas for both the conception and representation of new nativities, always maintaining a connection and respect for nativities made throughout history and nativitites still being made in a more historical, figurative way.

The competition, which ended in July 2014, was aimed at architects, artists, designers and creators in general. The popular nativity scene became the excuse for creating small utopian worlds, imaginary landscapes or visionary architectures, in order to reconsider and expand our cultural ideas, following key concepts present in popular nativities, such as narrative, scale, attention to detail, materials and light.

The goal of this exhibition is not only to present the results of the competition, but also to encourage the general public of all ages to consider other ways of making nativity scenes.

'Altres Pessebres' is a project by interdisciplinary office 3102AD and Federació Catalana de Pessebristes. This project has the support of the Culture Department of Generalitat de Catalunya, Obra Social “La Caixa”, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Diputació de Barcelona, FabLab Bcn and the Architects' Association of Catalonia.

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