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A new series of activities begins at the COAC: 'Absolutely moder(rr)n'

© Moisés Puente
On Thursday 3 March, at 7.30 pm, a new series of activities kicks off on the theme of ‘Absolutely moder(rr)n. An overview of new local architecture’, curated by Moisés Puente.

The activities aim to give an insight into new local contemporary architectural practices through a series of conferences and actions in answer to some basic questions which, in turn, relate to the statement made by Arthur Rimbaud in 1873: 'One must be absolutely modern'.

What does it mean to be contemporary today? Does being contemporary necessarily entail certain essential groups and connections (which used to be known as avant-garde), or are there other possible paths to avoid losing touch with the present? Which, if any, are the new paradigms of contemporaneity? All participants in the activities will be invited to answer this series of questions either in a conference format or at the Accions a l'Altell, a series of joint activities involving an artist and an architectural practice held in the mezzanine, or altell, of the COAC.

The activities will be structured in a series of monthly lectures, from March to June, followed by the opening of each of the Accions a l'Altell.

‘Absolutely moder(rr)n’ kicks off with a series of lectures by Arquitectura G, Studio Animal and Guillermo Santomà, followed by the inauguration of the installation by artist Carlos Valverde and Flexo Arquitectura

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