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Presentation of the international tender for public housing in Les Glories

© Ajuntament de Barcelona
As part of the 2016 Architecture Congress, on Tuesday 7 June there was a presentation in COAC's auditorium of the tender for projects to construct public housing in Plaça de les Glòries Catalanes, convened by Barcelona's City Council.

The event was attended by the Dean of the COAC, Lluís Comerón; Barcelona City Council's Councillor for Housing, Josep M. Montaner; the head of Urban Planning, Aurora López; the head of the Barcelona Municipal Housing Board, Àngels Mira; and representatives of residents' associations.

The purpose of this international architectural tender is to choose the design of a series of public housing for rent to be constructed in the Glòries area, specifically in the block formed by the streets of Castillejos and Casp, Plaça de les Glòries itself and Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes. The tender will lead to the commissioning of a development proposal defined by the Special Plan for Urban Improvement (PEMU) for the area, whereby approximately 300 homes will be built.

The tender is open to professionals and practices from any European Union country, with a deadline for submitting projects of 40 days from the publication of the tender's terms and conditions. The criteria for awarding the project include aspects such as architectural quality, integration with the surroundings, functionality and energy efficiency.

This tender contributes to the provision of facilities for Plaça de les Glòries, thereby fulfilling the undertakings made in the Commitment to Glòries signed in 2007 by residents and political parties, paving the way to convert this old traffic hub into a new urban park that will become a new economic, social and cultural centre for the city of Barcelona and its metropolitan area.

The bidding rules will shortly be available for consultation.

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