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© José Hevia

The ceremony for the FAD Awards for Architecture and Interior Design took place on Tuesday 14 June at Disseny Hub Barcelona.

The FAD Award for Architecture went to the project Llacuna, by Arquitectura-G (Jonathan Arnabat, Jordi Ayala-Bril, Aitor Fuentes, Igor Urdampilleta and Albert Guerra). The winning work is a city-based project for a block located on an irregular corner in Barcelona's Poblenou district. The jury considered very positively how the project "exquisitely solves the difficult issue of a corner plot, of irregular geometry, placing the cylindrical communication nucleus at the centre of gravity" and valued the relations generated with the city: "a work of sense, sensitivity and conceptual clarity. A delicate commitment to a continuity of compositional tradition where beauty, respect and logic organise a whole".

The award for the City and Landscape category went ex aequo to Eduard Callís and Guillem Moliner for Bon dia, Carme!. The jury valued this project's reactivation of the Plaça del Carme in Olot as "a combination of a sum of strategies that goes beyond urban development. The ground floors are incorporated as an essential asset of the public space, and draw a new transition scenario, favouring public use over private. It is a sum of interventions that act on the commercial abandonment of ground floors and the degradation of central neighbourhoods, a common situation in many medium-sized cities".

In the Ephemeral Interventions category, the award went to the project Agrilogística, by Estudio Goig (Miquel Mariné and Pol Esteve). The project creates the framework for the presentation of the film by the artist Gerard Ortín, which deals with the role of greenhouses in the ecological transformation and the future of food production, a subject that did not leave the jury indifferent, as the installation "amplifies the projection inside a greenhouse where the materials and solutions enhance the message and the experience of the film, inviting reflection".

Finally, in the International category, the project Air/Aria/Aire, by Olga Subirós, won the award ex aequo. The jury valued "the forcefulness of the architectural gesture in a context of exhibition hall interventions that often abuse them" and considered "the link between the formal and environmental characteristics of the hall and the content it conveys" to be "very successful".

Opinion Awards
Every year, the FAD Awards finalists and the ArquinFAD members vote for winners of the Opinion Award in the different categories. This year, the City and Landscape Opinion Award also went to the project Bon dia, Carme! and the Ephemeral Interventions Opinion Award to Agrilogística.

FAD Awards juries
The jury for the FAD Awards for Architecture and Interior Design was chaired by the architect Inés Lobo, accompanied by Paloma Cañizares, Josep Puigdomènech, Pep Quilez, Maria Rubert de Ventós and Jorge Vidal. The jury for the FAD Awards for Thought and Critique was chaired by architect Marta Llorente with members Kathrin Golda-Pongratz and Alessandro Scarnato. As for the FAD International Awards, the jury was chaired by architect Carme Pinós with Pere Buil and Diane Gray as members.

To see the rest of the winning projects, visit the ArquinFAD website.