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Gesa Building [1975-2008] (Palma, Balearic Islands) 2021

Exhibition "Empty Architectures"

Gesa Building [1975-2008] (Palma, Balearic Islands) 2021 © Lluís Bort

Photographic work on some abandoned buildings and constructions throughout the territory of the island of Mallorca, made by the architect and architectural photographer Lluís Bort. These constructions, on many occasions, were erected to fulfill a very specific function and over the years they became obsolete and forgotten. However, this does not mean that they are no longer useful, but that they should have the opportunity to be rehabilitated to enjoy a second life, providing them with a new use for their neighbors and their environment.

Returning to the photographic work, it collects different types of construction, from a hospital that they abandoned when they built a new one on the outskirts of the city; a Majorcan textile factory that was one of the economic engines of the island during the Civil War when Franco's troops bombed the industrial center of Barcelona; to the largest wine cellar on the island that closed in the 90s after 4 extensions.

In the project, each building is presented as an architectural gem against an intense blue and gradient sky that allows the beauty of each of them to be reflected. It seeks to highlight these constructions which were very important for the history of Mallorca, and which are often located in privileged locations, where they would have many guarantees of success if they were converted into new facilities for the cities.

This photographic project began in 2019 and it should be noted that since then adaptation work has begun on some of the buildings photographed, which we hope will allow the building to be recovered and enrich the city with new cultural offerings. With all this, this work wants to show the opportunity to rehabilitate these strategic and abandoned architectures in the Mallorcan territory for new uses such as museums, exhibition halls or neighborhood houses, among others.

Lluís Bort is an architect and architectural photographer and his life has always been linked to the world of photography. He started as part of the photography group L'art de la llum de Onda (Castelló). In it he held his first photographic contests, exhibitions and won several prizes over the years. Currently, he is also involved in teaching courses in Architecture and Landscape Photography at the College of Architects of the Balearic Islands.


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