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Looks: The water and the sea

Looks: The water and the sea

© Tarragona Demarcation of the College of Architects of Catalonia

The exhibition, the first of the LOOKS Cycle at the Tarragona headquarters, dedicated this year to WATER, includes twenty images by photographer Pep Escoda and offers a look at this natural element, as the title indicates, water and the sea.

Pep Escoda, Tarragona (1958), has worked as a professional photographer since 1990 and, although he specialized in interior design and architecture photography, he has reached other photographic specialties throughout his career. He has won 21 Lux awards in various categories, portrait, landscape, architecture or personal project.
He has published his photographs in more than 150 books, by publishers such as Taschen, Daab, Teneues or Harper design New York, New York Times, Forbes Magazine and ICON Magazine, among others.
He has been part of many individual and group exhibitions, such as the Tagomago gallery in Barcelona and Paris. Other exhibitions worth highlighting are Sincerely yours, at the Valid Foto gallery in Barcelona, ​​Passion and Melody of Mediterranenan at the Center for Contemporary Art in Saint Petersburg and Portraits at Shed Two on the Tarragona coast pier.

The LOOKS exhibition cycle is a cultural initiative that weaves the entire territory in a collaborative way, highlighting the local heritage through the observation of the four elements of nature: water, earth, fire and air.
Each of the elements will be the subject of an annual exhibition, completing the series in four years and increasing the legacy of the historical archive of the College of Architects with the donation of photographic records that will build the exhibitions.
In this way, from a local perspective, we will share and debate global commitments.

Exhibitions Looks: Water
Water as a shaper of the territory, by Mariano Cebolla (Tortosa, 09/28 – 12/31)
River industries. Water as energy, by Judith Casas (Manresa, 1.12 – 16.12; Vic, 9.01 – 26.01)
The water and the sea, by Pep Escoda (Tarragona, 01.22 – 03.15)
Drought - lack of water. Aerial photos, by Carles Rabada (Lleida, 1.02 - 1.03)
Microlandscapes of the Girona waters, by Carles Sànchez (Girona, from 02/22)
Water infrastructure heritage, by Anna Mas (14.03 – 24.04)



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