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New edition of the survey on the profession of architect

Two years on from the first survey entitled ‘Architects. Situation, opportunities and prospects’ produced by the Architects’ Association of Catalonia, we are now embarking on the second edition in conjunction with the CSCAE.

In 2016, with the aim of getting a detailed overview of the professional situation of architects in Catalonia and the way this had changed over the preceding years, the COAC produced and presented a report on the profession of architect based on a survey in which more than 1,700 architects in Catalonia participated.

Two years on from that first study, the CSCAE is introducing ΛRQUITECT@S-2018, a survey aimed at all the architects working in Spain, which has a similar content and structure to the one we conducted two years ago, which will allow us to follow up and compare the results.

The survey will start being rolled out in the first week of October, by email, to the members of all the different architects’ associations. The idea is that the results will help to draw up a map of the current situation facing architects in Spain, the activities they are engaged in, their working conditions, the areas in which they train, the obstacles they come up against, etc.

All the information on the survey can be followed on social media using hashtag #EncuestaΛrq2018.

For further information, visit the website of the CSCAE.