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Why not specialise with the Sert School’s postgraduate courses?

© Pau Viladoms | Escola Sert

Are you looking for specialised training that is geared towards the professional world? At the Sert School you’ll find around a dozen postgraduate courses on a range of different subjects to help you specialise in your profession. These syllabi are associated with areas that are becoming established as drivers of economic activity, such as building renovation, design and sustainability, hence increasing your employment potential.

In addition to this wide range of postgraduate courses, the Sert School offers many other courses, both on-site and online, and master’s degree courses. You can also attend seminars at the Business Campus or the free training programme.

Check out all the information on postgraduate courses on the Sert School’s website:

· Postgraduate | Facility Management

· Postgraduate | Hotel Design 3.0

· Postgraduate | Housing Policies

· Postgraduate | Architecture and Health

· Postgraduate | Project Management

· Postgraduate | Development and Management of Innovative Real Estate Companies

· Postgraduate | Analysis and Management of Real Estate Operations and Projects

· Postgraduate | Building Renovation

· Postgraduate | Structural Renovation