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XII Bienal Alejandro de la Sota, in Valls

XII Bienal Alejandro de la Sota,...

Cooperative Architecture Seminar at the COAC

© Jornades d'Arquitectura Cooperativa

The COAC is organizing a seminar on the active role played by architects in Processes of Citizen Participation, which will be held on 26, 27 and 28 February at the COAC headquarters.

The Seminar on Cooperative Architecture, curated by Eva Serrats and Francesc Pla, are aimed at architects and other citizens who take part of specific participative processes or who, in their professional role within public administration, need to integrate participative processes into their work serving the community.

In view of the growing interest of many people to form part of the process of transforming the city, the aim of these public participation processes is to include the stakeholders involved (and/or affected) by this transformation in the process of urban and architectural design. Participative design consists of finding inclusive channels for integrating the different stakeholders, transforming the project into an open and collaborative creative process that devolves decision-making powers to local stakeholders.

Consequently, the objectives of the Seminar are as follows:

· To provide training for the architects’ collective in the tools and methodologies of citizen participation. 
· To define the optimum conditions for developing processes of citizen participation. 
· To promote the useful role of the architect in the projects and processes of citizen participation. 
· To share knowledge and coordinate initiatives.

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