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After the overwhelming success of the first edition, on November 21st, we are once again celebrating the event "Decarbonizing Architecture". With top-level speakers from both national and international backgrounds, this second edition will once again place decarbonization at the center of the professional debate. Don't miss it!

If we want to achieve the goal of making Europe carbon-neutral by 2050, we must change the way we design and build. To help achieve this goal, we present an event where we will discuss the challenges that decarbonization poses to the professional practice, with the aim of being a decisive asset in the transition towards a decarbonized society. We will also provide tools, resources, and new skills to successfully confront this challenge.

To promote this change of perspective, we will learn from international success stories and address topics of the utmost regulatory relevance, such as the new Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), the European Taxonomy, and the European assessment framework Level(s). We will also introduce essential tools to improve our daily work at the office, such as the portfolio of decarbonized materials or the CO2 measurement tool, which COAC will launch this year.

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To get you warmed up, we offer the following resources:

Did you miss the first edition? Retrieve the videos of all the sessions and relive the event!

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