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Taming the house and the street - Conference by Cierto Estudio

Taming the house and the street - Conference by Cierto Estudio

© Cierto Estudio

“Taming the house and the street” is the leitmotif that is repeated in the work of the young architecture studio Cierto Estudio, whose projects range from the design of domestic spaces to its recent experience of redevelopment of Consell de Cent street, in the heart of center of Barcelona's Eixample.

In their presentation they will try to explain to us how this melody or fundamental idea of ​​'domesticating' works both at home and on the street, because at the end of the day both are spaces in which people live together. And, therefore, so are work, leisure, lodging, learning, sports or exhibition spaces. But what does it mean to domesticate space? How is it possible to project the domestic?

Cierto Estudio is an architecture studio founded in 2014 by six young architects: Marta Benedicto, Ivet Gasol, Carlota de Gispert, Anna Llonch, Lucia Millet and Clara Vidal. Since then the team has grown and solidified its professional practice with the incorporation of Jesús Fajer, Mariana Gomes and Adrián Maldonado. Having been born from plurality, its thinking is inevitably diverse and is reflected in its collaborative work methodology that seeks the maximum architectural claim and its own character. His fascination with the field of collective housing stands out, with innovative designs designed to adapt to different lifestyles. In this field, the studio won its first prize in 2017 for 'Illa Glòries' in Barcelona: a master plan for a multi-use urban block and the development of one of the four collective housing units that make up the block. Their 'Kitch-room' project also won first prize to develop a building of 68 homes with public facilities on the ground floor, whose housing typology claims the central position of the kitchen in the house. Finally, its recent award to lead the New Green Axes Model of the 'Superilla Barcelona' urban plan, led the studio to lay the foundations for the sustainable transformation of the Eixample layout in the next decade. Within this plan, the studio is also in charge of the design of Consell de Cent street, the main axis, which has recently been completed. The two public housing projects are currently under construction, as is the desire of Certain Studio to show its practice outside the limits of its beloved hometown, Barcelona.

The team is made up of the architects, Marta Benedicto, Ivet Gasol, Carlota de Gispert, Anna Llonch, Lucia Millet, Clara Vidal, Jesus Fajer, Mariana Gomes and Adrián Maldonado.

The conference is part of the awards ceremony of the XIII Alejandro de la Sota Biennial - Mostra d'Architecture de Tarragona, where Carlota de Gispert was a member of the jury.



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