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Sabadell City Council announces a project tender for the Parc del Nord

© Ajuntament de Sabadell
Sabadell City Council has announced a Project tender for the Parc del Nord and the empty spaces in the north of the city of Sabadell and the award of the service contract for preparing the executive project of phase one, which involved the collaboration of the Architects' Association of Catalonia.

The rules of the tender envisage two phases, both involving a jury, one-third of whose members will be appointed by the COAC’s Jury Panel. With regard to technical solvency, all that is required is the corresponding mandatory membership of the technical professional who wishes to bid, but no previous experience is required.

Phase one involves two entrance categories: Category A (the presentation of an idea with a slogan) and Category B (presentation of a completed work similar to that required for the tender). The selection criteria for moving on to phase two will be based on the architectural quality of either the proposals and the works presented.

The deadline for submissions is 24 July 2018.

View the specifications and documentation here.