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Submission and selection of papers

For participating on the Seminar with a paper, everybody will have to send in the terms established in compliance with the formal requirements and proposals, a summary or abstract that will be evaluated by the Scientific Committee for acceptance. Papers have to be within one of the subject areas and respond to general questions asked.

The Organizing Committee and the Scientific propose a model of scientific paper for submission of communications. The selection will be completed by the summary sent to the authors, according to the attached template.


- The abstracts will be sent to the organizing committee before, July 15th 2014, in Word format and e- mail only.

- The official languages are Catalan, Spanish or English.

- The file name will follow the proposed model: Subject Area_Surname of main author_Name of main author_Title of the article (lower case, maximum 50 characters) For example : intervenciones_pitarch_gerard_la tourette

- e-mail: patrimonisacre@gmail.com

-After July 30th, 2014 will be announced the accepted papers and the type of participation.

- The full text of selected papers will be sent to the Organizing Committee before September 30th, 2014.

For the accepted papers list, click here.


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