• Lecture by Lance Jay Brown

    On January the 8th, architect Lance Jay Brown will deliver* his lecture 'Design for Risk: The Post-Sandy Initiative'. How is the design community responding to climate, social and environmental change? We will debate about the challenges and opportunities related to existing and emerging risks, both locally and regionally.

    Regional branch: Barcelona
    Day: Thu, 08 January 7.30 pm

  • For Christmas, construction workshops at COAC

    Construction workshops are scheduled for December the 29th and 30th, aimed at children over 6 years old. With these workshops, which will be held at Plaça Nova, the Architects' Association opens its doors to host children activities during Christmas holidays.

    Regional branch: Barcelona
    Since: Mon, 29 December - Until: Tue, 30 December

  • Lecture by Peter Rich

    On December 9th, South-African architect Peter Rich will be giving his lecture "Powering transformation in Africa", where he will talk about his work in Eastern Asia.

    Regional branch: Barcelona
    Day: Tue, 09 December 7.30 pm

  • Lecture on Richard Neutra's work

    On Monday 1st December Raymond Neutra, son of Richard Neutra, will give a lecture titled "Meaning and relevance of the Neutra VDL Studio and Residences in Los Angeles, California", accompanied by architects Josep Bosch and Robert Terrades, who will introduce the event, and board member Manuel Ruisanchez, who will close it.

    Regional branch: Barcelona
    Day: Mon, 01 December a les 19h

  • Sense moure't del sofà

    Workshop: "Without leaving the couch"

    Would you like to know the city of Girona? And the city of Barcelona?If so, come to COAC. With the workshop Sense Moure't del Sofa (Without leaving the couch), aimed at children between 6 and 10 years old, participants will be able to learn about these cities through virtual connections.

    Regional branch: Barcelona
    Day: Sat, 29 November 10 am to 1 pm

  • Lecture by Kengo Kuma

    On November 19 Japanese architect Kengo Kuma will be giving his lecture “After 3/11”. The architect will talk about how he minimizes architecture, especially since the 2011 natural disaster, in order to help the world transit toward small things. Watch the lecture:

    Regional branch: Barcelona
    Day: Wed, 19 November 7 pm

  • 7th Ecumenopolis session: "Precise Poetry"

    Seventh session in 2014 with the film 'Precise Poetry', Belinda Rukschcio, Austria / Germany, 2013, 53' V.O. Portuguese, English Subtitles. After the film will take place a conversation with the architect Josep Maria Montaner. Partners:Sponsors:

    Regional branch: Barcelona
    Day: Mon, 22 September at 19h

  • 6th Ecumenopolis session: "Ciudad muerta"

    Sixth session in 2014 with the film 'Ciutat morta', Xavi Artigas & Xapo Ortega, Metromuster, Barcelona 2013, 120', V.O. spanish.After the film will take place a conversation with Xapo Ortega, co-director. Watch the video of the conversation:

    Regional branch: Barcelona
    Since: Mon, 30 June - Until: Mon, 30 June

  • 3rd Ecumenopolis session: "El barri s'ha de defensar"

    Third session in 2014 with the film 'El barri s'ha de defensar', Cristina Mora and Neus Ràfols, MaragdaMediàtica, 2013, 53', V.O. Spanish / Catalan.

    Regional branch: Barcelona
    Day: Mon, 24 March at 19 h