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  • sostre amb jardí

    Correspondents magazine: Multifunctional Roofs in the...

    Green roofs are slowly beginning to appear in our cities. But a cover can be, should be, much more than a green spot.We talk in this article about what it is here called “multifuntionele daken”.The Dutch “multifuntionele daken” is an initiative to reduce CO2 production by working together with the administration, the private sector, citizens, and universities. This initiative has arisen in the face of the fact that in 2025 70% of the world's population will live in cities and our planet is finite.It is a question of defining a cover through colours according to its functions and capacities. The goal is to build a green, blue, yellow, and red roof at the same time.

  • L'arquiPia. Architecture that is sensitive to context and...

    One of the things I most enjoy about the area I live in in Turin is that every day when I leave home I pass in front of the Faculty of Biotechnology building, one of the most impressive pieces of Turin architecture of the last few years, designed by the city’s most interesting architect of the moment: Luciano Pia.

  • Xarxa de Corresponsals COAC

    COAC Correspondent's Journal

    The journal is part of the website arquitectes.cat, and its aim is to approach the reality of the cities and countries that constitute the COAC Correspondents' Network, creating an opinion space where our correspondents write about issues related to architecture from a professional point of view, while including also cultural and social issues. 

  • Going off the planned route on the eastern US seaboard

    Up early on a wintry Saturday morning, you decide to take the car up to Portland (Maine) to spend the day touring the gorgeous coast of New England, when… 'Oh, wait!' 'Yeah, yeah.'

  • Exhibition in Amsterdam: 'The Sixties - A Worldwide...

    As the Tropen Museum in Amsterdam states:'The Sixties - A Worldwide Happening' is an exhibition which makes the 1960s feel amazingly close and recognizable because today’s world builds on the icons of yesterday. The exhibition offers a global view of the 1960s, an era when globalization as we know it first appeared.Today’s world builds on the icons of yesterday


    On 19th-21st June and coinciding with the 'Dag van de Architectuur' (Day of Architecture) in the Netherlands, the office Noord Zuid Architectuur organized a 'Spanish Architectural Business Meeting'. The aim of the meeting was to establish links, exchange experiences with architects and Dutch offices, study the possible collaborations with university professors from both countries, attract Dutch investors/customers for projects in Catalonia/Spain and make contact with the ICEX and ACCIÓ in the Netherlands.

  • Catalans a Leipzig - Fira Europea de Restauració i Rehabilitació del Patrimoni. DENKMAL

    Catalans in Leipzig - Europe's Leading Trade Fair for...

    From 6 to 8 November 2014 it took place in Leipzig "Denkmal" the Europe's Trade Fair for Conservation Restoration and Old Building Renovation, one of the busiest and most traditional fairs in northern Europe, that achieved this year its 11th edition. In addition to numerous German stands and a strong presence of Norheast European countries, the Fair also featured Catalan presence. Despite the rail strike affecting the whole of Germany, about thirteen thousand visitors came to the fair.Participants

  • Urban agriculture: something more than a transient fad

    Countless balconies, backyards, rooftops, community gardens, vacant land in the heart of the metropolis... Montreal is full of opportunities for practitioners of urban agriculture, a phenomenon that every day is becoming increasingly popular. Moreover is estimated that already a million people in the island does practice urban agriculture. Walking through the streets of Québec's metropolis, it is not unusual to see a cultivated gardens in the sideways, cared thanks to one or more residents of the adjacent buildings.

  • Sagrada Familia vs Opera House

    Sagrada Familia vs Opera House

    SAGRADA FAMILIA vs OPERA HOUSE The tourist movement. The icon of the city  It is surprising how each year, thousands of Catalans, cameras under the arm, visit Sydney to see the Opera House designed by Jorn Utzon at the same time that thousands of Australians go to Barcelona to see the Sagrada Familia. Many of these visitors will curiously cross their pathways in airports with similar goals but in different locations.A part from the spatial experience of being in one of these masterpieces, what is it that these buildings can tell us about their cities they inhabit?